Biological Spraying

Since the appearance of the original American grape diseases real and false mildew, there is no alternative to plant protection with chemical products. Moreover, the sight of an untreated vineyard is a sure sign of its neglect and the guarantee of massive loss of yield in almost all cases.

We too must treat the vineyards. In doing so, we follow the requirements of biological plant protection, which appears to us to be the least invasive type of treatment. Only the elements copper and sulfur are used, which act as contact fungicides and are washed off without residue within a few weeks. It is important to handle the preparations responsibly, so that only absolutely necessary quantities are applied, adapted to the respective vineyard. Preparations for plant strengthening such as horsetail extract are also used, which increase the plant's ability to defend itself against fungi.

However, the basic prerequisite for the economical use of pesticides is foliage work, which leads to an airy canopy and thus reduces the living conditions for harmful fungi.