Sparkling wine from apples is a side project for us but also a matter close to our hearts. Especially in our Saale-Unstrut region, many orchards are unused and are slowly becoming overgrown. Apples grow here in a great variety and it is exciting to take this fruit seriously for sparkling wine production. The production method of our Zidre is therefore almost identical to conventional sparkling wine production.

Our apples come from local orchards and are shredded and pressed after harvesting. The must is then fermented spontaneously in wooden barrels and remains there for 12 months on the lees without racking. The production of the sparkling wine is carried out in the same way with the fermenting must of the following year.

We want our Zidre to be understood as equivalent to our sparkling wines, because it goes through the same long process and expands the view to sparkling drinks that do not come from the vine but definitely have their place as food companions or even alone.