Sparkling & Zidre

At Zarathustra Wein we have dedicated ourselves entirely to sparkling wine. We strive to transfer the principles of natural wine to sparkling wine production. The principle of "nothing added, nothing taken away" is a claim that is rarely used in sparkling wine production. Our approach is described here.

Our assortment is divided into several areas.

The first sparkling wine in the year that we can produce is made according to the "méthode ancestrale". During the final phase of fermentation, the wine is filled into bottles and ferments there to the end, so that the carbonic acid is integrated into the wine. This original method of sparkling wine production results in a light, fruity bubbly wine.

The centre of our portfolio is, of course, our classic sparkling wine. The base wine is fermented spontaneously and then stored for 12 months on the whole lees to finally be sparkling with the fermenting must of the following year. Details can be found here.

An important part of our assortment is also our sparkling cider. This is produced according to the same principles as a classic sparkling wine, i.e. with long barrel storage and bubble making with spontaneous fermentation.